DI-Guy SDK Capabilities

Realistic Human Characters for Extraordinary Visual Simulation.

Super-realistic, fully-rigged, easy to control human and animal characters.

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DI-Guy is a software development toolkit (SDK) for adding life-like human characters, people, and animals, to real-time visual simulations. It lets you rapidly populate scenes with people who move realistically and perform the motions and movements needed within a simulation.


  • Formations
  • Gestures
  • Aiming
  • Gazing
  • Dynamic standing


  • Every character has a unique appearance
  • Open Shaders, Shared Geometry
  • Multiple textures for heightened realism
  • OpenGL | OSG | Unity3D | DirectX | VegaPrime
  • Customizable to virtually any other rendering solution via the versatile DI-Guy Graphics API


  • Men, women, and children in a wide range of cultural appearances
  • Soldiers with a wide range of uniforms, weaponry, and equipment
  • Flight deck crew, marshallers, airfield personnel
  • Policemen, firemen, hazmat, EOD
  • Hundreds of vehicles, animals, and props.


  • The DI-Guy SDK supports application development on Windows and Linux.
  • The DI-Guy Character Viewer runs on Windows and Linux.
  • The DI-Guy Motion Editor runs on Windows.

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