SensorFX Capabilities

Physically Accurate Sensors

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SensorFX Includes

  • Material Library - Surface optical, thermo-physical, and EM material property data library
  • SigSimRT - Spectral Signature Synthesis and MODTRAN-based Atmospherics
  • SenSimRT - Advanced EO/IR Sensor Effects

Sensor Types Modeled

  • FLIRs / Thermal Imagers: 3-5 & 8-12μm
  • Image Intensifiers / NVGs: 2nd & 3rd Gen
  • EO Cameras: Color CCD, LLTV, BW, SWIR

Models & Terrain

  • Material classified DI-Guy Character Set
  • Material classified 3D Vehicle Set
  • Material classified VR-Village Terrain DB

ST Engineering

ST Engineering