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What's New with the MAK RTI?

We released MAK RTI 4.4! Get all the details here.

High performance is our middle name. Our MAK RTI 4.4 release offers the highest performance on the market and is twice as fast as our previous version – and we can prove it. Read our white paper to get the details of our performance testing; if you’re interested in testing it yourself, request the RTI benchmark test suite below and we’ll give you the source code.

While MAK has always focused on performance with the MAK RTI, over the last year we have doubled throughput performance. We overhauled the RTI's message sending and receiving process to dramatically reduce the time to process incoming messages from the network while significantly lowering CPU processing time. We also separated the sending and receiving of messages into separate threads so that performance will not be affected when either one of these is heavily taxed. 

The MAK RTI makes it quick and easy to start a lightweight federation on your Local Area Network (LAN) — without the configuration needed for more complex federations. Those lightweight federations can now include HLA Evolved FOM modules.

Want to test MAK RTI performance yourself? Let us know and we'll get you the source code.