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Video Tutorials

This page has links to video tutorials that illustrate some of the tutorials in VR-Forces Users Guide and VR-Vantage Users Guide.

VR-Forces Tutorials

This page has links to the VR-Forces tutorial videos on MAKtv. These videos illustrate the steps in the tutorials in VR-Forces Users Guide and also include some tutorials that are not in the Users Guide. They were created using several different versions of VR-Forces. Although the layout of the VR-Forces window has changed over the course of these releases, in all cases the video procedures are still accurate for the most recent release. (You might need to sign in to the web site to view them.)

VR-Forces First Experience Tutorials

These tutorials demonstrate the instructions for the entity level tutorials in VR-Forces First Experience.

Simple Entity-Level Scenario

This tutorial sequence shows you how to create a simple scenario. It assumes you have learned how to start VR-Forces, have already configured the license server, and that you understand basic navigation methods.

The following videos match the procedures for the simple entity-level scenario in VR-Forces 4.6 First Experience Guide.

1. Create a scenario.
2. Create some entities.
3. Create a control object.
4. Save the scenario.
5. Write a plan.

Advanced Beginner Entity-Level Scenario

The following videos demonstrate the major steps in the VR-Forces 4.6 First Experience Guide for the Advanced Beginner Entity-Level Scenario:

1. Create the scenario.
2. Create the crowd.
3. Create the terrorists.
4. Create the SWAT team and helicopter.
5. Add tactical graphics.
6. Write the plans for the individual terrorists.
7. Write the plan for the terrorist squad.
8. Write the plan for the Chevy Tahoe.
9. Write the plan for the crowd.
10. Write the plans for the police.
11. Write the plan for the helicopter.
12. Write the plan for the SWAT team.

Entity Classification and Spot Reports

  • Entity Classification. A scenario that shows ground truth and classification of entities by the visual sensor.
  • Spot Reports. The same scenario with ground truth for the Opposing force turned off and spot reports on.

Building Conditional Expressions in a Plan

Embarkation and Embedded Entities

  • Auto-embarkation. Auto embarkation lets you quickly embark entities on parent entities that support it.
  • Embedded Entities. You can deploy and recover embedded entities without first embarking them. Entities can be deployed with a task or have a task assigned after they are deployed.


Buoyancy. Demonstrates buoyancy of a surface entity.

Pattern of Life

  • Continuous Spawning. Demonstrates continuous entity spawning, the default spawn pattern.
  • Burst Spawning. Demonstrates spawning entities in bursts, as might happen when a train or bus arrives at a station.
  • Custom Plan. By default, entities get created at spawn points and move to sink points, where they are deleted. Using a custom plan each spawned entity executes the plan. They are not deleted unless the plan specifies that they should be.


VR-Vantage Tutorials

The videos in this section illustrate tutorials in VR-Vantage Users Guide. The Bouyancy video in the VR-Forces Tutorials section also is valid for VR-Vantage.

Adding a New Model

The following links follow the structure of the "Adding a Model to VR-Vantage" tutorial in VR-Vantage Users Guide (for VR-Vantage 2.5 or earlier). Each link launches a short video illustrating the steps in the related section.

    1. Create a Model Definition
    2. Add an Element Definition
    3. Add a Model Mapping
    4. Test the Model Mapping

Using the CIGI Host Emulator

The following links illustrate the CIGI Host Emulator tutorial in VR-Vantage Users Guide. Note: You would normally run the host emulater and VR-Vantage on separate computers. The CIGI Connections page is superimposed on the host emulator screen for illustrative purposes only.

   1. Start the Host Emulator and Create an Ownship Entity
   2. Create an Entity and Change its State
   3. Send an Entity Effect (Detonation)
   4. Change the Weather

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