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Bonus Material

This Bonus Material page offers some free stuff to help you with your project. It includes useful examples, starting points, and tools we want to share with you. We believe this material is much more useful to our customers rather than sitting around gathering dust. We will continue to add content as we find more useful bits to share.

Material on this page is free for you to download and use, but is not supported by MAK. Each download package may have further restrictions; please make sure you read and understand the individual license documents associated with each download.


Supplemental Terrain Package

Terrain databases are big, so we've separated out a few and make them available in this supplemental terrain package. These terrain databases can be used with VR-Engage, VR-Forces, and VR-Vantage.

Download and install the terrain package ontop of any of these previously installed MAK products, then you'll be able to find the terrains listed with the other terrains that came withthe products.

MAK High Performance RTI

The MAK RTI (Run-Time Infrastructure) is the fastest way for High Level Architecture (HLA) compliant simulations to communicate. Efficient and easy to use, the MAK RTI keeps CPU, bandwidth and memory requirements to an absolute minimum to maximize performance. This link lets you download the complete, released version of the MAK RTI. You can run it and use all features without having to obtain a license key. The only restriction is that you can only connect two federates.

Qt Toolkit

Qt is an open source (LGPL) software library for cross platform GUI development developed and supported by Digia. MAK uses Qt in all of our products. We slightly modify the libraries before using them so that the libraries are linked with the versions embedded in the library name. This prevents conflicts between products which use different versions of Qt.

The download page has links to Qt 4.5, 4.6.3, and 4.7.4 for several different platforms. If you need a different version, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Qt 4.5
Qt 4.6.3
Qt 4.7.4
Qt 4.8.5
Qt 4.8.7
Qt 5.5.1
Qt 5.6.3
Qt 5.10.1
Qt 5.14.0


Network Utilities for Infrastructure Testing

NetUtils is a package of several VR-Link example programs which are useful for debugging simulation network connectivity problems. The package includes a small sample federate called F18 which simulates a simple F18 object circling in the pacific. Other tools include a packet dump utility for DIS, and an Object/Interaction update tool for HLA.

These tools are provided as pre-compiled binaries only. You may use them for network debugging only without charge. Because they are free, and freely available, we ask that you do not redistribute them. Rather, if you would like to share them please direct interested parties to this site for download.

Please read the FAQ for more details.

HLA Evolved FOM Upgrade Scripts

This package contains XSLT files for converting HLA 1516 FDD files to the HLA Evolved FDD format. For those unfamiliar with HLA 1516, the FDD file is an XML formatted file which describes your FOM and is required by the RTI to connect a federate. In HLA 1.3 these files were called FED files and frequently ended with the .fed extension. XSLT is a powerful language which can be used to transform XML documents. Many open source tools can be found to do the transformation using these documents. Usage of these tools will require working knowledge of XML, XML Tools and the HLA 1516-2010 Standard.

The transformations performed by these scripts are not comprehensive, but will get you most of the way there, perhaps doing as much as 95% percent of the work.

OMTDiff Tool

OMTDiff is a command line tool that allows you to quickly identify the differences between object models.  It is useful for developing effective HLA bridges between FOMs as well as keeping track of changed between versions of FOMS



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