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MAK Earth

Whole-Earth Procedural Terrain

The Terrain Engine within MAK products that enables a "one world" terrain solution for modeling & simulation applications

MAK Earth Terrain Engine

All of MAK's user-level applications — VR-Engage, VR-Forces, and VR-Vantage — contain the MAK Earth Terrain Engine. This powerful engine procedurally generates the portion of the MAK Earth model that is needed at run-time by the simulation or visualization application. Distributed applications will each deterministically generate only the portions of the MAK Earth model they need to achieve a correlated “fair-fight” simulation.

The MAK Earth Engine is driven by GIS data. VR-TheWorld Server is recommended to host geographic data on-premises – within the user's private networks. The MAK Earth Engine also supports runtime publishing of CDB databases and loading small geo-datasets from the user's local hard drive. Some of the configurations delivered with MAK applications reference geographic data hosted on MAK's VR-TheWorld online server. Use of the online server is free for those who have access to the internet. The MAK Earth Engine can optionally add value to a terrain, generated from any source, by cutting high-resolution site models into the procedurally generated terrain.

VR-TheWorld Server

VR-TheWorld Server is the streaming terrain data server for MAK Earth applications. VR-TheWorld Server comes with terabytes of geo-data representing planet Earth, and it allows users to augment the delivered data with their own high-resolution geo-data. VR-TheWorld Server allows users to upload source imagery, elevation, and feature datasets. The server organizes the geo-data into efficient structures for streaming to the MAK Earth enabled application at run-time.

MAK Earth Configurations

MAK Earth configuration files specify the details of how the whole-earth model is generated and which geographic source data is included to meet specific training and experimentation objectives.

MAK Earth Assets

MAK applications — VR-Engage, VR-Forces, and VR-Vantage — come with a data package that includes assets used by MAK Earth as it procedurally generates terrains, including:

  • 3D feature models
  • Geo-typical textures used in the procedural creation of features and detail texture
  • Geospecific site models referenced by some of the included MAK Earth configurations
  • MAK Earth Configuration files to use as examples of how to create your own MAK Earth terrain

Make MAK Earth Your Own

Users can customize and enhance MAK Earth terrain with geographic data they load onto a VR-TheWorld Server connected to their simulation network and from geo-data in their local disk storage. Users can also enhance MAK Earth terrain with geo-typical feature models and geo-specific site models made with a variety of COTS terrain and 3D modeling tools.


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