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All the technology and content you need for "OneWorld" Whole‑Earth Terrains that are visually rich, high‑performance, open‑standards‑based, and correlated across the entire MAK suite of simulation and visualization applications.

MAK Earth

VR-Engage, VR-Forces, and VR-Vantage all contain the powerful MAK Earth terrain engine.

Procedural generation of Whole-Earth terrain: Driven by GIS data - loaded directly or streamed from a server; Native support for CDB databases through run-time publishing; Cut-in high-resolution site models.

VR-TheWorld Server

Streaming terrain data server for MAK Earth enabled applications.

Terabytes of global elevation, imagery, feature, and land use layers — Served via industry-standard GIS protocols.

Tool-Generated Terrain Databases

VR-Engage, VR-Forces, and VR-Vantage all support terrain databases built with terrain generation tools in formats such as: CDB and OpenFlight/MetaFlight.

Terrain solutions for projects large and small

At MAK, we understand that the terrain database is often one of the most challenging parts of a simulation project. Everyone wants a world that is realistic and that provides the correct stimulus to the simulation models. When the simulation is distributed across more than one computer or more than one simulation model, terrain correlation becomes an important factor. And if it weren’t for the cost, time, and need for technical skill, all terrains would perfectly replicate the real world. Unfortunately, terrains that do a good job of balancing fidelity, accuracy, and cost are hard to come by.

MAK’s terrain strategy is designed to help you with this challenge.

MAK products are terrain agile, which means that they can load the terrain databases you already have in formats such as CDB, OpenFlight/MetaFlight, and many more. MAK products also include MAK Earth technology to procedurally generate whole-Earth terrain directly from geographic source data.  We offer VR-TheWorld Server as the solution for managing and serving large quantities of geographic data directly into our MAK Earth enabled applications — bypassing the off-line database build steps. Our simulation and visualization products are loaded with content. We provide useful terrain databases with DI-Guy SDK, VR-Engage, VR-Forces, and VR-Vantage so you can be up and running in short order. We also work with terrain content providers who offer high-quality terrain products off-the-shelf and who provide terrain generation services, like B-Design3D and Simthetiq.

Terrain Products

Terrain Services

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