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MAK FOM Editor: Federation Object Model Editor

A web-based tool to create, edit, and extend FOMs

The MAK FOM Editor is a tool that allows you to create and edit an HLA Object Model (or formally an OMT – Object Model Template). You can use the tool to create new Object Models from scratch, or extend and maintain an existing Object Model from a FOM or FOM Module. Once your changes are made, you can export your Object Model to any HLA Format including HLA 1516-2010 (HLA Evolved), HLA 1516-2000, or HLA 1.3.

Even if you don’t plan to make any changes to your Object Model, you can still use the tool to view and understand your Object Model using its intuitive user interface.

Available now for your use

The MAK FOM Editor is hosted on ( There is nothing to download — it runs in your web browser. MAK's commitment to web applications extends beyond web tools that participate in distributed simulations. This tool is a great example of how we can deliver value to our customers using the internet.


MAK FOM Editor Capabilities

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Is it a cloud-based tool?

Well, in part. The application is hosted on ( There is nothing to download — it runs in your web browser.

The FOM that you are editing stays on your computer; this part is not cloud based. You can import a FOM, edit it, then export it again. Or, if you like, you can save the project as you are working on it in your browser's cache. (Warning, if you clear your cache, it will be gone).

Does it require a license?

No, it is free to use. Enjoy.

What formats does the MAK FOM Editor import?

The MAK FOM Editor imports HLA 1516-2010 (HLA Evolved) and HLA 1516-2000 files. It exports HLA 1516-2010, HLA 1516-2000, and HLA 1.3 (FED and OMT) formats. In addition, you can download a formatted description of your Object Model as a PDF.

How is it supported?

The FOM Editor is a free tool and as such it is not supported. If you need assistance using the MAK FOM Editor, please ask a question.

For customers interested in professional support, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for options.


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