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Connecting every simulation with our powerful and flexible interoperability tools.

MAK Legion

A Next-generation Scalability and Communications Framework to Manage and Deliver Millions of Entities.


Connect your simulator to a large federation. Save development costs with our proven API. Let us worry about the details of networking protocols.


With the MAK RTI, connecting your simulation to an HLA federation is as intuitive as connecting your laptop to a WiFi network.


The universal translator for distributed modeling and simulation.

Perform FOM-to-FOM translation, RTI-to-RTI bridging, DIS or HLA-to-TENA translation, and simulation-to-C4I interoperability

MAK Data Logger

An easy-to-use system for capturing and replaying simulation data.

MAK WebLVC Server

WebLVC Server and simple applications to observe, control, and participate in complex simulations.

Connecting every simulation with our flexible interoperability tools.

MAK's foundation is in simulation network interoperability. Our powerful software toolkits help you connect your simulations together. We help to ensure that your applications are compliant with industry standard interoperability protocols. We provide the tools you need to inter-operate even when your distributed simulations span local or wide area networks or protocol boundaries like DIS, HLA 1.3, HLA 1516, HLA Evolved, or RTI Vendors.


Link – Interoperability Products

MAK Legion– Scalability & Communications Framework

VR-Link– HLA-DIS Simulation Networking

MAK RTI – HLA RTI - Run Time Infrastructure

VR-Exchange – Protocol Translation & Bridging

MAK Data Logger – Simulation Recording & Replay

FOM Editor – Design, Understand, Share your Object Model

MAK WebLVC Server – Web Connectivity & Web Apps


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