VR-TheWorld Server

The physical world within MAK ONE Synthetic Environments

Streaming Terrain for MAK ONE applications and standards compatible simulations

VR-TheWorld Server stores and streams the terrain data used to build MAK ONE Synthetic Environments. Elevation, imagery, and features including roads, buildings, and trees can be streamed to multiple applications simultaneously.

Introducing VR-TheWorld Server

Global Basemap

Delivered with a global base map, but you can also easily populate it with your own custom source data through a web-based interface. 

Deployment Options

The server can be deployed in the cloud for access anywhere or on private networks to provide streaming terrain data to simulation and visualization applications within your secure environments.

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Key Features

  • Ready Out-of-the-Box

    A VR-TheWorld server is a fully standalone version of VR-TheWorld and can be deployed behind firewalls and security barriers.

  • Available Online

    MAK hosts a copy of VR-TheWorld Server online for MAK ONE users to use in prototyping solutions and developing capability demonstrations.

  • Terabytes of Data

    VR-TheWorld has over three terabytes of global elevation, imagery, and feature data — pre-tiled for high performance access.

  • Automatic Tiling for Performance

    Large data files are automatically tiled on the server so that they can be streamed efficiently to client applications.

    • Add Your Own Data

      VR-TheWorld Server comes with an intuitive web interface that makes uploading and organizing your data simple.

    • Raster Formats

      The following raster data formats are supported for elevation and imagery:

      MRSID, GDAL virtual, Geotiff, JPEG 2000, DEM, DTED 0 - 5, Arcinfo Binary Grid, Magellan BLX Topo, Bathymetry Attributed Grid, VTP Binary terrain format, USGS DOQ, ESRI .hdr, Envisat Image Product, ERMapper, FITS, Erdas Imagine, National Imagery Transport Files (CIB, CADRG, and so on), BSB Nautical chart format, NetCDF

    • Vector Formats

      The following vector data formats are supported for natural and human-made features:

      ESRI Shape, KML, GPX, VMAP, S-57

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