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MAK Fires

Forward Observer training — when you need it, where you need it.

Realistic and portable training for Forward Observers

MAK FIRES is a portable training system that delivers effective Call for Fire (CFF) training — wherever you are. Based on Call for Fires fundamentals, MAK FIRES is designed specifically to develop and reinforce skills for Forward Observers (FO). FOs can practice individually by speaking to the Simulated FDC (Fire Direction Center), or pair up with an instructor at their home station, or participate in instructor-led classroom training at their local armory. US and international versions of MAK FIRES are available.

Out of the box, MAK FIRES supports all primary training tasks for Forward Observers:

  • Selection of Observation Post
  • Target Location by grid, polar, or shift from known point
  • Surface-to-Surface fires missions: Adjust Fire, Fire For Effect, Suppression (Immediate or Planned), Smoke (Immediate or Planned), Visible Light or IR Illumination
  • Registration on a known point or FO-selected point

MAK FIRES provides capabilities to support doctrinally correct FO training:

  • Mission planning and scenario development
  • Simulated FDC using speech recognition technology for individual practice, so FOs can get in their reps and sets at the armory, at home, or on the go.
  • Custom instructor interface for easy mission creation and quick feedback
  • Tactical graphics for target locations
  • Integrated voice communications with support for USB headsets and handsets
  • Virtual FO tools including binocular, LLDR, map, and navigation tools
  • Built-in support for emulated equipment and multiple visual channels for high fidelity installations

Physically correct weather, dynamics, and sensor models include:

  • A visual display system that accurately represents all weather conditions, including 'brownouts' during dust storms
  • An accurate and realistic 3D ballistics model
  • AI-controlled aircraft, piloted aircraft, and remote piloted aircraft
  • AI-controlled radio
  • Support for Long-Range Precision Fires
  • Physics-based EO, IR, and NVG sensor visualization
  • Battlefield Illumination

Designed for Fires fundamentals:

  • Intuitive scenario generation
  • 2D tactical maps
  • Support for Time on Target
  • Flight Target Profile
  • Support for Multiple Weapons
  • After Action Review auto-generated

Win with MAK FIRES!

MAK FIRES is the perfect, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain Fires solution that provides:

  • An easy-to-use scenario generation, execution, and control interface, including a 3D immersive environment complemented by a 2D tactical map, based on the gold standard in Computer Generated Forces (CGF) applications, VR-Forces
  • Beautiful realistic visuals of Your Training Environment powered by the MAK Earth One World Terrain Engine and VR-Vantage
  • Simulated and/or emulated equipment to conduct Indirect Fires and Precision Targeting. Customer-required equipment and weapon systems can be added as needed.


  • Flexible, and includes training modes for CFF exercises within the MAK ONE synthetic environment.
  • Extendable, configurable, and scalable. MAK FIRES can be extended to include required technologies and participants, and scale to meet your training needs and complexity.
  • Interoperable and standards-based, meaning you can interoperate with mission systems across domains and connect to combined arms training exercises locally or in other countries.
  • Supported. MAK FIRES’ clear documentation & “Trainer down-the-hall” support approach ensures that your training is successful.
  • Easily Maintained. MAK's innovative maintenance policy ensures that your MAK FIRES solution benefits from the latest developments and new features added to our MAK ONE suite of COTS products.
  • Committed to your success. MAK is your partner, not just a vendor.

Training to Match Your Exercise

CFF Artillery Missions

MAK FIRES is a fully capable Forward Observer Training System (FOTS) that delivers the training required to prepare FO in critical fires tasks and build their self-confidence.

With MAK FIRES, you can train individual forward observers, prepare for live fire training, and prepare for tactical maneuvers to coordinate fires. Out of the box, MAK FIRES supports eight tasks designated by the U.S. Army as primary tasks for all Forward Observers:

  • Establish Observer Location
  • Determine Direction to Target Area
  • Locate a Target by Grid Coordinates
  • Locate a Target by Polar Coordinates
  • Locate a Target by Shift From a Known Point
  • Conduct an Adjust Area Mission
  • Conduct a Fire for Effect Mission



Extendable, Scalable, and Configurable

MAK FIRES is a modular system built on MAK ONE, ensuring a high-fidelity, dynamic, and fully interactive future-proof training system. This provides a long useful life and the ability to support emerging tactics, techniques, and procedures.

It is extendable to address emerging emulated military equipment, display & simulation technology, cloud computing, and point of need deployment technologies. MAK FIRES can be configured to your specific-training needs, from physical configurations (to add role players either from instructor station or manned stations) to training complexity (training in more realistic environments, not just clear daylight).

Configuration Options

MAK FIRES enables a range of architectural variations to set up your mission training for success, including:

One student — One instructor SME
6 to 24 student Classrooms
Individual student with Simulated FDC

One student — One instructor SME

1 on 1

6 to 24 student Classrooms


Individual student with Simulagted FDC


Interoperable and Standards-based

MAK FIRES, built on the MAK ONE COTS simulation software suite, provides a low-risk, proven solution that is easily customized to unique CFF training needs. MAK’s standards-based COTS applications are used on accredited programs, providing scalable CFF training for warfighters.

MAK FIRES is DIS-, HLA- and Legion-interoperable out-of-the-box, making integration with existing training systems across domains easy.


MAK has a long history of supporting our customers and not leaving them at technology deadends. MAK FIRES’ clear documentation & “Trainer down-the-hall” support approach ensures that your training is successful.

MAK FIRES can be delivered as a fully integrated hardware and software solution along with comprehensive documentation, training, and spares to ensure that the system is ready for training upon delivery and for years to come. It can also be customized to specific training needs.

Committed to Your Success

MAK Technologies is an established simulation provider that has been delivering military simulation and training systems for more than 25 years. MAK ONE is the core of training simulations for both the United States (US) Department of Defense (DoD) and customers around the world. The MAK Fires system, built on the MAK ONE COTS simulation software suite, provides a low-risk, proven solution that is easily customized to unique Forward Observer training needs.