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DLC API – Dynamic Link Compatible (DLC) HLA API

The version of the C++ API for HLA that was defined by IEEE 1516.1-2000 does not support Dynamic-Link Compatibility among RTI implementations. That is, it is not possible for a federation to switch from one RTI implementation to another without recompiling federates. This limitation is more serious than it sounds, because it takes the choice of which RTI to support out of the hands of the end-user. The program manager for a federation must convince federate providers and tool vendors to build specifically for the RTI he chooses.

The Dynamic Link Compatible (DLC) HLA API was developed to solve this problem with the original IEEE 1516 specification. The DLC API lowers the barrier to reuse, i.e. more easily supports the idea of reusing federates in various federations using different RTI implementations. The DLC API is a recently approved set of Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) Standards. The DLC API for HLA 1.3 is known as SISO-STD-004-2004, while the DLC API for IEEE 1516 is known as SISO-STD-004.1-2004 .

The actual C++ and Java APIs that are included as Appendices to the SISO DLC Standards are available for download at the SISO website.

The module names are:

  • RTI_API_C++1.3
  • RTI_API_C++1516
  • RTI_API_JAVA_1.3
  • RTI_API_JAVA_1516

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