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Cloud & Virtualization

MAK products are designed to be run on all levels of computing platforms: desktops, servers, virtual machines, and public/private clouds.

To help our customers design their system architectures, we developed the MAK ONE Guide to Virtualization. This wonderfully illustrated ebook describes how MAK products take advantage of the unique characteristics of servers, virtualization, and public/private clouds. This story builds from local implementations using desktop computers, through servers that make resources and applications available to multiple users, to virtualization as a way to maximize the use of computer resources, to clouds that provide the services needed to manage and operate the servers, and finally to public clouds that provide access to vast scalability on demand. 

Many MAK customers want to run our applications in the cloud or on virtual machines. Applications that do not require 3D graphics, such as VR-Link or MAK Data Logger can run on virtual machines without any special configuration work. However, applications such as VR-Vantage, VR-Forces, and VREngage, which have high-quality 3D graphics, are more difficult to set up because the virtual machines do not have easy access to the graphics card. MAK has begun testing some of these configurations so that we can provide assistance to customers. In Running MAK Products on Virtual Machines or Docker Containers, we share our experiences with step by step documentation of the systems we've set up.

At MAK we use the public cloud when we need to add capacity to our training classes and as a tool to demonstrate our entire suite of software to customers without having to set up our complete eleven-workstation integrated training system demonstrator. On the MAK Suite Demo page, we host a graphical interface to control the instances of our software hosted on the Amazon Web services cloud. If you would like to see how it operates, get in touch and we'll give you a personal demonstration via GoToMeeting.